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Archives for: March 2004


3/24/2004 - I re-worked "Close To You" by Jake Shimabukuro in standard GCEA tuning. It sounds much more authentic and is much easier to play in this tuning. I am working out the other sections and will post them when they are completed but this will give you something to chew on in the meantime. I am also leaving the Low G version for those that prefer that tuning.


3/14/2004 - Haven't been doing much transcribing as of late. I have been spending some time experimenting with ukulele construction techniques. I bought a cheap soprano kit and have been practicing some inlay, binding installation, fretboard construction and other techniques on it before building one from scratch. If interested you can take a look at my progress on my woodworking page.


3/4/2004 - I made a minor update to my transcription of "I'll See You In My Dreams". I added the Am chord that appears on the phrase "Soon my eyes will close". For the new strummers, be sure to print the PDF file and read the performance notes at the end of the file. For those having trouble downloading some of the PDF files just right click and choose "Save Link Target As" or however your browser shows it and save it to your hard drive. You should be able to read and print the entire file this way. Good luck.