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Archives for: February 2004


2/13/2004 - I finally was able to spend some time completing the entire solo arrangement of "Something" as recorded by Jake Shimabukuro from the "Art of Solo Ukulele" CD. I had started work on this back in September of 2003 and shelved it after getting through the first verse and chorus. I wanted to learn this one so bad that I enlisted the help of a professional transcriber (who was really good and I appreciate his help on the first verse and much of the bridge section) but this proved to be much too pricey to continue his service. So I donned the headphones last weekend and got the rest of it on paper. This one was a real challenge for me. Performance notes are included at the end of the PDF file. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions concerning the transcription.


2/13/2004 - I almost forgot. I received an email, followed by an mp3 and chord TAB of "Beyond the Reef" for solo ukulele, from Ron Hetteen. You may remember that I transcribed "I Only have Eyes For You" (See Tabs Page) from his mp3 recording that is on the KP Ukulele site. He was kind enough to offer his compliments to the accuracy of my work and has provided his solo arrangement of "Beyond the Reef" in his desire to contribute to the ukulele community. I will transcribe it in the near future and post it when it is complete. Ron is a very tastey jazz soloist and I hope there is more opportunity in the future to tap into his skills.


2/4/2004 - Update to "I'll See You In My Dreams. I found a mislabeled chord in measure 21. The Bb6 should have been a Bbmadd6. The files are updated. I also added additional clarification regarding strumming the chords based on comments from a member of the Flea Market BB. See the Performance Notes section of the PDF file for this update.


2/3/2004 - Completed a transcription of "I'll See You In My Dreams". This song has been a popular discussion as of late on several of the Ukulele forums and bulletin boards. From the DVD Concert for George "I'll See You in My Dreams" features a superb performance by Joe Brown on what appears to be a Martin soprano ukulele. Tuning is standard GCEA. I included the lyrics at the end of the PDF file after the Performance Notes. Enjoy!