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Archives for: January 2004


1/19/2004 - Ku'u Hoa Update. In reviewing the transcription to Ku'u Hoa I noticed that in the 34th measure, during the Solo Break, I indicated a B7 chord instead of the E7. The guitar is playing major chords and I notated a B shape instead of the open E chord shape. All files have been updated.


1/14/2004 - Completed a request for Ku'u Hoa as performed by Robi Kahakalau. This transcription includes an acoustic guitar part to serve as the foundation for the ukulele parts. This one has some real tasty solos. Enjoy.


1/12/2004 - My recovery is progressing very well and I have begun to get back to it a bit. I purchased Jim Beloff"s new DVD, The Joy of Uke 2. I specifically wanted this DVD for the performances by, special guest, Lyle Ritz. When I first heard his "Live" version of "Lulu's Back in Town", from the "Legends of Ukulele" CD, I knew I had to figure it out. The booklet was helpful by getting me in the ball park on the chords used but watching him perform the arrangement on the DVD was by far the biggest help. The transcription is in DGBE - high D tuning as this is the tuning he used and prefers. I intend to record an mp3 of my performance but it will be in GCEA tuning since I don't have access to another ukulele in this tuning. This is a great arrangement in the chord solo style that Lyle is so famous for. I hope you enjoy. My next arrangement will be of "Ku'u Hoa" for haolegirl of the TaroPatch forum.


1/12/2004 - Update - I just listened to the midi file through my browser and it does not play the percussive notes (the ones with the x's) that are heard inbetween some of the chord changes. (At least I interpret it this way and it seems to sound ok when played this way). It sounds fine when played using the midi interface with Powertab. Go figure. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Lyle uses a felt pick on this song. I would have never guessed by just listening alone.