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Archives for: November 2003


11/30/2003 - I trust everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday. I have added some mp3 files. No, they are not recordings by the original artist. That leaves you stuck listening to me (LOL). I spent a few days relaxing and trying to learn parts of Jake's version of "God Bless America" from "The Art of Solo Ukulele" CD. Absolutely no way for me to play his intro. The stretches are just too far for me to handle. My sister and sister-in-law have asked me to record them a CD of me playing the uke. I had once previously tried to record with my Fluke using the preamp plugged into my computer but it was very harsh and brittle like. So I tried to record with an SM-57 mic on a stand running through a little 6 channel Behringer mixer plugged into my soundcard. So as I get some songs recorded I will add an mp3 for those that want to listen to my feeble attempts at playing these tunes. I will, at some point, put a transcription together of how I am playing God Bless America. I came up with my own arrangement of the intro based on some of what I heard on the original and added an ending. Today I recorded "Song For Anna". It is very difficult, for me anyway, to make it all the way through any of these songs without hitting several clams along the way. Both of these songs required me to go back and fix at least one major clam. But I left plenty of others for you seafood lovers to chew on.


11/23/2003 - A request was made on the Flea Market Music BB for the intro to an Eddie Vedder "Live" performance of "Throw Your Arms Around Me". The performance was played on guitar and it was necessary to transpose this to the ukulele while retaining the original key of E. After some confusion, I think I accomplished the objective.

Completed a transcription of "A Part of Me, A Part of You" known as "The Hospital Song" as recorded by Moe Keale. This one has a very tasty lead solo. Another good one for a couple of strummers. Many thanks to Wayne Itamoto for bringing this one to my attention. Enjoy.


11/16/2003 - Updated "Song For Anna" by re-writing the score in triplets. I received some input from a very gracious participant of the Flea Market Music Bulletin Board regarding using triplets throughout the score. After a little analysis it was evident that this score was definitely written in triplets. I do not read music well. Never have and probably never will. So I am only interested in the tab staff when I use tablature. I always refer to the original recording to grasp any timing or other subtleties. So I did re-write the score in triplets to make it easier for those that do read the music staff. This resulted in far fewer tied and dotted notes. So the suggested fingerings and chord voicings have not changed. The score looks different and the midi file sounds a bit different. I hope this helps, in some way, those that do use the music staff. Comments are welcome and appreciated.


11/12/2003 - Completed transcribing the "Live" version of "Song for Anna" as recorded by Herb Ohta Sr. from the Legends of the Ukulele CD. This is another one in low G tuning that is great for solo ukulele. Enjoy and let me know what you think.


11/9/2003 - Have just completed a transcription of "Kaulana O Hilo Hanakahi" as recorded by Herb Ohta Jr. from the Legends of the Ukelele CD. I got this CD as a birthday gift last month and there are several good songs on it for solo ukulele. I am working on "Song for Anna" and possibly "Lyle Smiles" in the near future. I also added a Section on Performance Notes at the end of the pdf file. Enjoy.