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Archives for: September 2003


9/27/2003 - I received an email requesting a transcription of, "I Only Have Eyes For You", another tune on the KP Ukulele site. I took a listen and definately liked the arrangement so I spent the day working it out. The complete solo ukulele Powertab transcription, PDF and Midi files are below. Enjoy and drop me a line and let me know if the transcription helps out in any way.


9/23/2003 - Transcribed an excerpt with variation of a tune called the "KP Shuffle" that I found on the KP Ukulele site. It was written and performed by a Hawaiian musician named Rudy Aquino. Ken Potts, luthier, builds some really fine ukuleles from what I can see on his website. This little diddy has a very happy sound. I have taken the first sections and added an ending. Just these sections alone are quite fun to play. I also included a midi file so you can hear what my version sounds like. Hope you enjoy.


9/13/2003 - Updated "Close to You" to include the first verse and chorus. Also added a midi file. The updated Power Tab file makes the midi playback much closer to the feel of the recording but it is still difficult to duplicate the free time throughout the piece. Anyone feel like taking a crack at editing the Powertab file to make it better? Feel free. I could use the help.


9/10/2003 - Transcribed the intro to "Close to You" as recorded by Jake Shimabukuro from his CD entitled "Sunday Morning". If you are downloading the PDF file also please download the Readme file that has some performance notes for reference. The Powertab file has the performance notes incorporated into the file.


9/6/2003 - I have been working on transcribing Jake Shimabukuro's tribute to George Harrison entitled "Something" that he recorded on the CD "The Art of Solo Ukulele". I have also enlisted the services of a professional transcriber and I will receive his input soon. However, out of respect to him I will not be posting his work on this site. The version that I am posting today is my interpretation of the first verse and chorus sections. I have personally met and spoke with Jake regarding the tuning of his tenor ukulele and he tells me that he uses strictly the standard G-C-E-A tuning with a high G. However, when I slow this piece down and analyze the notes, both myself and the professional transcriber agree, it appears that the low G is present in the recording. So the files below are based on the low G tuning. UPDATE: I have talked with Jake about his tuning again and he indeed uses what's known as re-entrant or tuning with a high G string.On "The Art of Solo Ukulele" CD Jake tuned his Kamaka down a full step to F,Bb,D,G and that is why I was hearing lower notes on my GCEA tuned ukulele. If I ever get time I will transcribe them again in re-entrant tuning. I have a Powertab (PT) file as well as a PDF file available at the links below. If you don't have PT then get it. It is FREE and a great tool for creating and playing back transcriptions in addition to viewing them and the printouts are very professional. I also plan to do more ukulele transcriptions in the PT format. Drop me an EMAIL and let me know what you think. Also, please note that Jake plays in free time accelerating and ritarding as he sees fit. This is hard to reproduce in a tab editor that requires precise timing. I have tried my best to emmulate the timing/feel of the song but it will be up to the performer to feel the mood of the piece. So this will get you started while I finish the transcription. Good luck and most of all Have Fun! Keep strumming - Dominator!

I have been tinkering with the ukelele for about 3 weeks a year for the past few years on our vacations to Kauai. I purchased a Martin Backpacker uke 2 years ago and even though it stays in tune and sounds Ok the scale is too short for me to play in the higher registers. I played a Tenor Fluke while in Kaua'i in December 2001 and decided then to purchase one early in 2002. I have had my Lava Tenor Fluke for several months and just got back from this years trip to Kauai .  I really enjoyed the Fluke. It was the only time I really spent any time getting to know it. The main reason I wanted the Fluke was to be able to use the low G set of strings like Herb Ohta used on his Ukulele Bach CD. I have spent the last couple of evenings transcribing the entire piece of "Jesus Joy of Man's Desiring" from that CD. Hope you enjoy this one. Right click and choose "save link target as" to download the powertab file to your hard drive. If it proves to be of any benefit to you drop me a line and let me know. I plan to add some other tunes soon. Enjoy! Dominator!