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The Beginning - Andrew Molina - Tab

Here's one by the amazing Andrew Molina. The Beginning is the title track to Andrew's debut CC. This is has a driving beat to it and I'm really enjoying playing this one with Dominator & Friends. Thanks to Andrew for allowing me to post this one.

Tab can be downloaded from the tabs page via the link above.

Le`ahi Morning - Herb Ohta Jr. - Tab

Here is another fantastic song by one of my favorite ukulele player and composers, Herb Ohta Jr. Le`ahi Morning was written in tribute to the residents and staff of the Le`ahi Hospital where Herb visits from time to time to perform for the senior residents. This is one of those "feel good" songs from his recent CD, My `Ukulele World. This is one of the new songs I perform with Dominator & Friends in a growing collection of Herb Jr. tunes. Thanks to Herb for the music and inspiration.

Tab can be downloaded from the tabs page via the link above.

Sand Castles Tab - Herb Ohta Jr.

With Herb's permission I've posted my tab of Sand Castles based off of the Hi-Sessions video he did with Jon Yamasato. This is very much a feel good kind of song. Enjoy.

Please note that I used repeats and noted "play simile" for the second pass through rather than create an even larger tab. There are just a few differences in the way emphasis is placed on the notes etc. Not enough to tab those differences.

Here is the link to Herb's video.

Sunrise - Herb Ohta Jr. - TAB

After using the free Powertab Editor for all these years I decided to give Guitar Pro 6 a shot. For the price you can't go wrong. It seems to be a great piece of software with some pretty cool features. This is the first tab I worked on with the new program. This is a very cool tune with a happy vibe from Herb's newest CD, Pure Ukulele.

I know its been a long time since I posted my last tab. Hopefully, I will be able to knock out a few more in the near future. Use the link at the top of the page to navigate to the TABs page to download the score.

The Unknown - Kalei Gamiao - TAB

Back in February of 2012 I started the video tutorial series for Kalei Gamiao’s wonderful song called “The Unknown”. I had intended to create a tab to supplement the videos but just never seemed to be able to get around to it. Well, it’s finally done. I tried to organize the tab in sections that coincide with the videos.

I put the tab together in a rush and so I’m sure there are a few places where the tab is slightly different than what I play in my tutorial. It’s also different than Kalei’s HiSession and Hawaiian Musical Supply videos. It is simply not possible, for me anyway, to be able to re-create every triple strum and chunk that Kalei plays. The tab along with the videos or separately will provide more than enough substance to allow one to master the song.

The tab can be found on the Tabs page via the link at the top of this page.

Good luck and my apologies for taking so long to get it done.

Beatles - Blackbird - TAB

HAPPY NEW YEAR ukesters. I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and I wish you all the greatest of successes in 2012.

My first post of the year is the much anticipated tab for Lennon and McCartney's Blackbird which is based on the Abe Lagrimas arrangement found on Youtube. The tab is also heavily based on the video I recorded back in November. Abe has a very diciplined right hand picking style that I was not able to capture entirely. I utilize my thumb quite a bit more which requires some adjustments. This is a great song and I hope you enjoy the tab. It can be downloaded from the TABs page.

The First Nowell (Noel) , Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock - Tab

Well, Halloween is coming up, Thanksgiving is right around the corner and before you know it ole Saint Nick will be making his rounds. Tonight I’m posting 3 Christmas tabs to give you plenty of time to sort them out before the Holidays are upon us.

I’m posting my interpretations of Matt Dahlberg’s arrangements of Silent Night and Jingle Bell Rock from his A Few Merry Melodies CD he put together last Christmas. Matt’s been pretty busy and hasn’t had a chance to provide any input on the tabs so there may be a few things that I play a little differently than the way he played them on the recordings. Here is his Youtube Video.

Silent Night follows the video I posted last year on Youtube.

Tabs can be downloaded from the TABs page.

Barnkicker Rag - Tab

At the recent Milwaukee Ukulele Festival I had the distinct pleasure to meet father and daughter duo, Steve and Amanda Boisen, better known as “The Barnkickers”. Their music is infectious and they are absolutely wonderful to see live. Their latest CD, “Up Before Noon” consists of 12 fantastic tracks including a great original ragtime piece composed by Steve titled “Barnkicker Rag”.

At the pre-festival party Steve played the song for me and asked if I would be interested in transcribing it for an upcoming method and songbook he has in the works. It’s a great tune and after hearing it I agreed to give it a shot. Steve worked very closely with me and the resulting tab is about as accurate as we could have hoped for. Steve has graciously allowed me to post the tab here at Dominator Ukulele Tabs and I strongly encourage everyone to purchase the CD. You can download just the mp3 or the entire CD by clicking HERE. Again, I recommend purchasing the entire CD. You will NOT be disappointed.

Enjoy this great tune. Tabs can be downloaded from the TABS page. I have some Christmas tabs in the works that I plan to post in the coming weeks.

Wagon Wheel - Old Crow Medicine Show (Fiddle Licks Arranged for Ukulele)

I had a great time at the Milwaukee Uke Fest last Saturday. I had the pleasure of performing with Jon Prown (ukejon) and Seeso once again during the dinner concert and joined Lil Rev and his band for a couple tunes during the Saturday night concert.

One of the songs we did was the Old Crow Medicine Show’s version of Wagon Wheel. I had to work out the fiddle solos so I decided to plug them into Powertab and make them available for the rest of you.

It’s just a four chord song and I’ve used a very basic strum pattern so feel free to spice it up as you see fit when you jam it with your friends.

Tabs can be downloaded from the TABs page via the link above.

Kiss From a Rose - Kalei Gamiao Arrangement

Hi Folks,
There hasn't been much time for transcribing this year and consequently this is my first new tab for 2011. Tonight I'm posting Kalei Gamiao's fabulous arrangement of Seal's Kiss From a Rose.

Tab can be downloaded from the Tabs link above.