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Post details: Jake's Let's Dance

Jake's Let's Dance

Tonight I recorded my take on Jake’s Let’s Dance. When I first heard the solo version from the Gently Weeps CD I wanted to play this song. I also had lots of requests for the tab (which I have not put together as of yet) so I started to work it out and quickly realized that to play the correct chords it put my left hand in an awkward position that hurt. It actually caused similar feelings like when you hit your funny bone on the elbow. I actually thought playing this song might not be possible. My partner,Ukejon, and I have discussed this a few times.

I messed with it a few times here and there with the same results. Pain in the left hand that kept me from continuing to work on it. A few days ago I discovered that if I altered the chords on the main riff and played the G string open instead of fretting the A note at the second fret that I could move through the progression easier. It is still somewhat painful but more manageable. Even though I’m not playing the same voicings I still think it sounds Ok and decided to record it tonight. So I guess the moral of this long winded story is that even if a song or series of chords present a challenge you can always alter things to make it work for you.

I’m using a new microphone, a Studio Projects B-1 condenser and recorded with an old version of Cakewalk Sonar 3 and added a little reverb. Hope you enjoy it.

Let's Dance

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Comment from: Kevin [Visitor]
nice work on the Let's Dance! I don't know how you pull it off but it sounds excellent. keep up the outstanding work.

Permalink 04/20/07 @ 18:48
Comment from: Aya [Visitor] ·
hi dominic-san! thanks for your message:)
i just listened to "let's dance". it sounds
really great!

i think that changing chords is a good idea.
not only because it makes easier for you to play,
but also it sounds unique. "your" let's dance.

looking forward to your new songs up on your website!
have a lovely weekend:)

Permalink 04/20/07 @ 22:58
Comment from: Adam [Visitor]
Wow Dom... that was great!! I change alot of songs to make them work for me, we do what we have to!

I saw Jake last night in NY City... you have to hear him play Led Zepplin's Going To California. I am such a tremendous Jake fan and I forver thank you for helping me attempt to play some of his tunes. His technique is only getting better and better and I can just feel a second acoustic album coming on.

Keep up the great work!

Permalink 04/21/07 @ 10:59
Comment from: ukejon [Visitor]
We all now bow down to the insane strum master named Dom and chant in unison "We are not worthy, we are not worthy...."
Permalink 04/21/07 @ 23:33
Comment from: brian [Visitor]
Wow...Awesome playing! Thanks for sharing it w/ us.

I'd like to see a video of you showing us some strumming

Permalink 04/22/07 @ 08:50
Comment from: Ayden [Visitor]
Dom, this is the best so and I think most challenging tune I could possibly think someone could take one and you've absolutely nailed it, simply amazing, I hope to rise to such a level of play.
Incredible, incredible, Ayden
Permalink 04/23/07 @ 12:38

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